Lameness Assessment


Lameness is the most common cause of inadequate performance in the horse. Accurate diagnosis of lameness requires a comprehensive understanding of equine anatomy and a methodical approach to evaluation. We will work with you to try and determine the cause of lameness and what we can do to improve it, and in doing so maximize your horse’s performance and potential. A lameness evaluation will include evaluation of your horse’s conformation, evaluation through palpation and flexion tests and observing your horse’s movement. Further diagnostics such as nerve and/or joint blocks may be performed to aid in isolating the cause of lameness.
Diagnostics such as digital radiography (x-rays), ultrasonography, referral for MRI, Nuclear Scintigraphy or CT scan may be recommended.
After a diagnosis is made, treatment will be initiated which may include rest, medication, joint therapy, alternative therapies, among other treatment modalities.
Our goal is to tailor our treatment plan for what is best for you and your horse.

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