Pre-Purchase Exam

Pre-Purchase Examinations
If you are thinking of purchasing a horse, it is recommended to have a veterinarian examine the horse prior to purchase. The goal of this exam is to identify any pre-existing problems that may affect the horse.
Pre-Purchase examinations can only give information about the horse’s condition on the day of the exam. This is very important in making an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a horse, however it cannot guarantee future health or soundness.

The pre-purchase exam includes:

  • An inspection of the horse, which includes assessments of the horse’s eyes, mouth, skin, heart, lungs, and temperament
  • Musculoskeletal exam and Soundness exam which include palpation of joints and tendons, a movement exam (in-hand, on lunge-line, and under saddle), flexion tests, and application of hoof testers
  • Diagnostic imaging such as digital radiography, ultrasonography, and endoscopy are available.
  • Bloodwork such as a complete blood cell counts, biochemistry profiles and laboratory tests for drug screening are also optional.
  • Depending on the intent of the horse, other exams, tests and diagnostic modalities can be used
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